Book Fair details!

All-  The book fair is on less than two weeks.  May 6th at the Castro Valley branch of the Alameda Public library system.  The address is 3600 Norbridge street in Castro Valley, Ca.  The event is 1-4 but is preceded by a author panel from 11:30 to 12:30.  I hope to see everyone there!!

Author event- Castro Valley Book Fair

Hello everyone-  I am going to be selling books, signing and talking publishing at the Castro Valley Book Fair on May 6th from 11:30 to 4:00.  There is a panel discussion followed by a meet the author period in the Cascade room of the Castro Valley branch of the Alameda County Library.

About 30 local authors will be displaying books for sale and signing copies!  Please feel free to come down and grab a copy or just talk.  Thanks!

Free giveaway!

All-  My book Thief in Law is available from now!

To that end I have 20 promotional copies I can give away.  Here are the steps:

  1. Go to my book’s page on
    2.  Add the audiobook to your cart.
    3.  Create a new account or log in.
    4.  Enter the promo code and click “Redeem” on the cart page. (I will give you the promo code)
    5. To change the price from full price to $0.00, click the box next to “1 Credit” and click the “update” button to apply the credit to your purchase.
    6. Complete checkout, and start listening to the free copy of the book.

Only catch is that you have to email me to get your code!

First come first served.  I’ll take this down when the codes run out!  Thanks


The new book is up!

All-  I worked really hard on the edits for Quinru California and it is up on Amazon and Create space.  Hope everyone enjoys.

Audio book

Hello everyone!  I am just finishing the files for the audiobook of Thief in Law.  This is my first audio book and I think it will be two weeks before it is approved by the audio company.  Then it will be available at Audible?  and on Amazon?  How’s that for not knowing what’s going on with my own books!

I found the process to be relatively easy and quick to convert.  I put a script up on the auction website with a 50/50 royalty split between me and the producers.  I had three auditions but I chose Gary Roelfs to do the book.  He sounds exactly like the narrator from the old Nick Nolte/Debra Winger movie remake of “Cannery Row”.  Which worked well because I love that voice.  I will add a link to the audio book and the create space link when they are available.

I should also maybe update everyone on my new projects.  I have edited and am trying to repost an older novel- Empire Man on Create Space.  This is a much longer project and the book was picked up by a publisher and then dropped.  I finished the edits on my own and self published the book again on Amazon and Kindle.  I am also completed with the first draft of a new work entitled Quinru, California.  This book is a work of military fiction. It is about a Chinese invasion of the US.  The project was formed out of a conversation I had had with a friend who said, “no one could really invade another country anymore, could they?”  Well that got me thinking:  “Could they?”  The result is Quinru.  Hint that is the Chinese word for Invasion. Look for it in two to three months when I have it in better shape.


And lastly I am just starting the first chapter of the sequel to Thief in Law. Again the publishing company had asked for a sequel and an outline before they stopped working.  Since I have the outline and the plot developed, I am going to write my first sequel. I am a little daunted as I’ve never done one before.  How much to retell?  How much to leave to the reader?  That is a little tricky.  I am determined that this be a standalone novel however. I think you should be able to read it by itself and have it be satisfying on its own merits.  I guess the readers will tell me if that is so.  I do detest the new trend where someone takes a larger, longer novel and cracks it into three parts and calls it a trilogy.  Nope!  This just the search for cash.  My novel Empire Man is a true Space Opera told in three acts but I avoided cracking it up into three parts as numerous agents and publishing houses told me to do.  I get it:  put out the first part for free and make the people buy the next two parts.  Nope Nope Nope.  Okay back to actual writing.  Thanks.  Mike

Coming Soon! Audio books!

Hello everyone-  I have been working with Audio Exchange to develop an Audio book version of Thief in Law.  The process is amazing and very different from writing.  The target date for release is 20 Feb.  I think that is a decent date.  The production company (Gary Roloefs) and crew are working hard to get the chapters finished and then the company must review the files.  I think that it is a worthwhile version.  It has been very strange to hear someone else read my writing.  I am in no way talented enough to read a book out loud. I’m barely able to form sentences. I will announce when and where and provide links to everything on the book pages as we get closer and they become available.  Thanks!!

Life update

Hello all-

Well, the new year has started off not so well for me.  My publisher has had to close down to new authors.  The were a smaller group who were new to working with outside authors.  There has been an illness and they have decided to shut down rather than try to continue.  I certainly don’t blame them for that.  The amount of work involved is enormous when publishing a novel.  Just the editing alone can be months of work.  Believe me, I need all the editing I can get.

One of the things that shocked me when I wrote my first book was the amount of “secondary time” and energy I would devote to the project.  I count all of the ancillary things you need to do to get a novel published as secondary things.  Items like copyright.  Getting a copyright is a relatively straightforward thing: got to and submit your work.  Thirty five dollars and seven months later you have the certificate. But of course you have to have the right file extension to publish the work.  RTF? PDF?  DOCX?  The government likes Word.  And thats not the only file extension problem you will have. More on that later.  Do you need an ISBN?  For Kindle you certainly don’t. But for Create space if you want a physical copy of the book, you do.  Other e book platforms do require an ISBN.  Nook and Ibook among them.  Thats tough to figure out.   By the time you establish accounts on Bowkker, Draft2 digital, Amazon, KDP,,, you get little crazy typing in the same info. That just the way the game works.

Thats why getting a publisher is such a big deal. They handle all those things.  And now mine is gone.  Oh well.  The book is live on Amazon right now.  It is exclusive to KDP for another three weeks and then off to the other platforms.  I intend to update this site with the new links asap.  Thanks for the support.!  Mike




To the nine visitors to my site: Thank you!

Hello all-  I have had my initial visitors to my website.  I know that its not a lot but that is okay.  That someone was curious enough to click at all is fine with me.  I am getting better with my website skills. I have even managed to add a button on the site that allows people to purchase my books.  Small thing for someone else, large thing for me.  I have a lot of things to clean up: graphics and adding some more content being my top priorities.  Please feel free to leave feedback on what you would like to see. Anything that is within reason I will try to do.

A logistical update.  I have a Meet the Author night scheduled for Feb 11th now at the San Leandro Public Library.  It was supposed to be in November but it had to be rescheduled.  I will post a map and times and more data as it becomes available.


Meanwhile the book is selling.  I have no idea of the raw numbers.  It is not like my self published books where I can see the data immediately because the sales figures are for the publisher.  I would guess we have sold in the neighborhood of a hundred copies so far.  That may not sound like a lot but that is for me. I am hoping that Cyber Monday will drive some sales.  I only have a few more marketing tricks up my sleeve before I’m forced to hold a sign on the street corner.  DO NOT tempt me!

One last note:  I hit one hundred thousand words on my next book today.  That is about two hundred sixty pages.  I think I have another hundred to go.  This book is a work of military fiction and I think it will require a glossary and a cast of characters to keep everything straight. That might add about twenty pages to the work.  We shall see.  This is only the first draft.  I have extensive rewrites to do on this one.  Thanks!  TTFN.  Mike

The big day is finally here!

Well my first professionally published book is live on Amazon today! (shameless plug: It has been a long road to get to this point. The fact that I am typing on my website and have a book to promote is progress.   I have been doing the self publishing thing for three years now with very little success.  I think it is the dilemma that all self published authors feel:  how to break out of the huge crowd of books that are out there.

Self publishing has removed the barriers to people who want to write books.  And that is a double-edged sword.  There is a lot of very good material out there and there is some horrible stuff.  I’ve written on both sides of that equation.  I think it comes down to the fact that I want people to read and enjoy my books.  I know that self publishing and more importantly self editing was not working.  I was getting better with each book but not to the point where I was breaking out of the morass of bad writing and bad books out there.  A small publishing house decided to take a chance on me when they looked to expand beyond their initial romance imprint.  So they chose a science fiction book and a crime novel I’d written.  Thief in law was that crime book.  The Team at Ravynheart took a professional editing slant to the work.  That is a humbling experience, I can tell you.  I thought I knew something about writing.  Wrong. Turns out that shifting Point of views in a scene was only a way to confuse readers.  Who knew?  But the bottom line was that the editing they did made the book better. So my ego was bruised a little but I learned a great deal.  And now the book is live:  Yeah!

I hope the Science Fiction book: Empire Man benefits from the same editing process.  The book is a long one and a true Space Opera.  I love that kind of world building sci fi and I hope that people enjoy reading it.  I’ll post back with some sales results in the first couple of days to see how it goes.  The main point is to get some readers and get some reviews of the book on line.  I’m always amazed at the three things that sell books:  The cover, the reviews and the name recognition of the author.  Funny.

Ok.  Talk to you soon!  Mike.



More website news

All-  I am slowly building the site.  I think I finally have the appearance at least half way decent looking right at this second.  I’m not totally pleased but I think it is workable for the release of the book.  My next step is to try to insert links so you can read sample chapters and links to actually purchase the books.  Of those items the sample chapters is by far the most important.  They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but that has not been my reality.  My brother told me that it is three things that get a person to look at buying a book: The cover, the blurb and the review numbers.  Any one of them that is outstanding can drive people at least give the book a chance.  A horrific review is bad but I’m not really worried about that.  I have one fairly negative review on my first book Unity.  The person says that the format and the spelling errors made it a chore to read.  That is a perfectly legitimate criticism. It is one that I have taken action on.  The book was reedited and put back on the Amazon site.  Draft to Digital was also updated with a new file.  I appreciate the constructive critique that the person took the time to detail.  The writing group critiques I get that are: “I could do better…”  are not so helpful.  I might agree with your assessment if the person would actually submit things for us to review.  We seem to have several “at large” critics in my writing group.  There are only two or three people who read my writing that I pay close attention to when they have something to say.  Even the harsh stuff.